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The confidence you need, to take the right career decision

Unlock the secrets of your genetic strengths
Gold standard of personality assessment
personality coaching
1 on 1 with experts for guidance

The confidence you need, to take the right career decision

We all are born unique, yet we often set out to make the most important decisions of our life without knowing what we are born with.

For the first time in India, it is possible to discover your genetic talents and traits through DNA-based testing of your personality.

Add to this the layer of psychometric assessment and what you discover is Gold. Your holistic self.

our method

The new way to discover your true potential and career path


Your current environment

This is your starting point.

Your self-assessment of the strengths and interests you believe you have developed over time.

Psychometric tests are being widely used for personality assessment. However, they present only half the picture - influenced by the external environment and social desirability.


What you are born with

There is nothing more beautiful than the unique journey inside your DNA.

You finally understand the gifts from your parents and forefathers.

Depending on your age and stage in life, you know how to use these talents and strengths.


Impact of birth timing

Some events in life are best explained through natal charts, a science of vedic astrology bringing the correlation of spatial bodies with your personality development.

We harness these fundamentals of astrology to add an additional detail to your self-discovery journey.

introducing gendiscover

Useful insights to guide individuals across life stages

5 to 7 years

Helps parents identify the inborn or natural talent - based on Genomics and Astromancy sciences.

8 to 14 years

Helps parents identify developing personality type and traits. Includes psychometric assessment of both the child and parent.

15 to 24 years

Helps students and young adults find their true personality and passion for career decisions

25+ years

Helps parents, professionals and other adults use their inherent potential – to find happiness in work and life situations

32% to 62% of a person’s success is influenced by the genes of that person.

Robert J. Plomin, FBA

Professor and behavioral genetics expert from the The Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London Director of Social, Genetic & Development Psychiatry Center.

The pioneers leading adoption

Top schools and colleges who have embraced GenDiscover for their students.

I am quite sure that GENLEAP would make a lot of difference to the lives of children by identifying their inner talents.

This would help them in getting skilled in suitable areas. Eventually, this will help in employability as students will benefit from early discovery and choosing the right courses.

Atul Chauhan

Chancellor, Amity University

I find the assessment system developed by GENLEAP extremely innovative, creative and comprehensive.

Whether as a student, researcher or an employee, one can deliver best only when the potential of the individual resonates with the spectrum of day to day activities.

Prof. K.K. Aggarwal

Chairman, National Board of Accreditation

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