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Give your child the gift of self-esteem so they grow into happy confident adults

Is your child easily distracted?

A bit stubborn sometimes?

Children don't come with a manual, but what if you had one tailored to your child's unique personality and nature?


What determines how a child develops? A combination of both a child's genes and environment.

You have a responsibility of giving the right environment that can impact how these genes are utilised, shaped, or even suppressed.

By knowing what makes your child tick, you can respond in appropriate ways. The solutions to everyday parenting dilemmas will become evident once you know your child.

After millions of scientific tests, we have combined the power of genetics (nature) and psychology (nurture) to reveal the depth of your child’s personality like never before.


Introducing GenDiscover

Begin a unique journey with India's first DNA-based self-discovery and career management platform.

Experience the power of three sciences – psychometrics, genomics, and astromancy blending together to reveal the true shape of your child's personality. Get ahead of the curve and 10x your child's chances of success.

There are many qualities your child is born with. Which one are you nurturing?

We only rely on our observations and perceptions to judge the qualities of a child. There are many qualities that go unnoticed as they are hidden and not represented in behaviors.

Are you ready to face the truth? Know how you as a parent passed on some genes to your child which are similar yet distinct from yours. What are the unique traits your child is born with? What is the hidden potential that pure observation cannot see?

Get the product brochure for all details

Discover the genius in your child

Begin your child's journey of self-discovery with our DNA based inborn talent and personality assessment.

GenDiscover brings in a scientific way to discover your child's natural talent and personality traits.

The only assessment that gives you a method to measure nature and nurture for best efforts in your parenting

Identify your child's unique qualities

Boost the self-confidence in your child by helping them understand who they truly are and what they can become.

Understand potential weaknesses

Apart from qualities, GenDiscover will help you identify any areas of weakness - in order to appreciate and deal with situations accordingly.

Nurture in the right direction

Personalized insights session to deep dive into results and get connected to our partners who will provide appropriate suggestions on personal and talent development.

Stop worrying, Start discovering

Whether your child is as young as 5 years or as old as 20, you want to give them to best opportunity to succeed.

Come, chat with a Genleap Certified Coach about your child’s acquired personality traits in their growing up years and hidden potential for right nurturing.


Is being a good parent good enough?

The success of your child depends on you. At a far more deeper level than you know. From the day you bring them in this world, you are responsible for raising them to be happy, independent, and a successful adult. You leave no stone unturned to get them the best education, environment and upbringing possible. Yet you feel that is not enough. Well, you are right.

Need validation?

If you are concerned about not getting genuine trust-worthy advice from counsellors

Right nurturing?

If you want to give a healthy pressure free environment and raise an independent, confident, happy child

Career advice?

If you want to understand (with facts) which direction - amongst the variety of career choices are right for your child

Children (Class 1 to 7)

GenDiscover Plus

For parents who want to discover inborn talents and nurture their kids in the right direction.

✅ 3D view of your child's personality

✅ 50+ Personality and Talent traits

60 min online session with GENLEAP Certified Coach

✅ Helps you understand your child's natural talent and developing personality traits.

✅ Includes psychometric assessment of both the child and parent.

₹ 10,999

Order Now

Prices are exclusive of GST.

No Cost EMI available for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months

Here’s everything you get if you begin now

✔ 3D view of your child’s personality

✔ 50+ Personality and Talent traits

✔ 60 min Personality Insights Session with GENLEAP Certified Coach

✔ Helps you understand your child's natural talent and developing personality traits.

✔ Includes psychometric assessment of both the child and parent.

Recommended for Children (Class 1 to 7)

GenDiscover Plus for Children

For parents who want to discover inborn talents and nurture their kids in the right direction.

₹ 10,999

Order Now
Explore your child's strengths beyond simple aptitude and personality tests.

You can make informed decisions based on scientific findings beyond superficial assumptions when you understand your talent.

Find out what traits your child has inherited from you

What is your child's inborn potential for maths? Is he / she a creative person likely to prosper in an arts field? Does your kid have the inherent aptitude to engineer innovations?

Some of them can become your superpowers if you develop them.

Your child's special combination of gifts, when fully developed and practiced, can turn him / her into a confident person - aware of their passion with clarity of what they want to do in future.

Every person is born with talent, and happiness depends on discovering that talent in time.

- Isabel Allende