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Set up with a passion to make a difference

GENLEAP has been set up by senior professionals and CXOs who gave up their cushy jobs for the passion they share – for making a meaningful difference to people’s lives.

And with decades of experience and goodwill by their side, the idea turned into reality as investors and colleagues from the industry took the leap of faith.

Our Purpose

We exist to make people the best version of themselves

Our Vision

To create a world where people love the work they do and are happy with what they gain in return

Our Mission

We help people leverage their inherent talent and give them the right environment so that they accomplish the best version of themselves

The Founding Team

Sachin Sandhir

Founder and CEO

Nimish Gupta

Founder and Co-CEO

Nitin Thakur

Co-Founder and MD

Shweta Kataria

Co-Founder and CPMO

Mohit Juneja

Co-Founder and Director

Building GENLEAP – up close and personal