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Your sounding board for living a meaningful life

Leverage your strengths, develop them, and identify personal and professional goals.

A life coach who counsels and encourages clients through personal and/ or career challenges.

Whether it is work, personal or family related coaching intervention, I act as an unbiased thinking partner and empowers my clients by typically having weekly or bi-weekly personal sessions with them. Here's how you benefit!

  • Positive behavior changes that last longer by coaching Leaders, Managers or Individuals who need intensive personal development, leveraging their full potential.
  • Sounding board for forward-thinking strategy and conscious career design.
  • Designing and implementing 30-60-90-day strategy.
  • Navigate a Change Management Plan that is enjoyable and enlightening.
  • Support for leaders in times of dramatic growth and change or succession planning.
  • Increased adaptability and flexibility with enhanced navigational skills.
  • Improved performance.
  • Diversity, Inclusion, & Gender sensitivity coaching.
  • Help improve personal relationships

Nitin Thakur

Co-Founder and MD, GENLEAP

I can be reached at +91 9811241595;;

What's in it for you

Nitin’s Coaching Plans will provide the essential first thrust towards a meaningful life whereby one follows one’s true purpose and calling. By decoding oneself and knowing what one is truly, inherently capable of, one can skill, re-skill or up-skill to stay relevant to the times and the evolving demands of work environments and navigating challenges of personal life, effectively.

Most importantly, an individual who has ‘decoded’ himself and can now take informed decisions about one’s life’s true calling lies and what one needs to do to better her/ his chances at a fulfilled life.

What does it mean for corporates

Where Leadership Shadow matters, Nitin has deep expertise to support, you, in creating the right Organizational culture, by aligning your Leaders to the Core Value System and for them to demonstrate right behaviors, in a consistent and sustainable manner.   

Nitin’s Coaching skills will allow the Enterprise leverage their select talent pool of Managers and Leaders transform into highly self-aware and effective individuals and collaborators. Engaging Nitin can be highly beneficial in nurturing your Leadership pipeline.

For employers who want to better understand their Executive Leadership and their upskilling requirements Nitin enables creation of an ideal skilling and coaching program that is in line with the organization’s larger goals.


A pragmatic, astute and inspiring individual, lauded by others for his servant leadership, authenticity and common sensical viewpoints. His 26 years of professional journey spanning across the likes of GE, Barclays, Aegis BPO, UnitedHealth Group, has left a trail of his innate and effortless ability to help others be their best version.

Nitin’s key functional expertise, as a Human Resource & Employee Relations Professional rests in Leadership Coaching, driving change agenda, and Talent Management.

At GENLEAP, Nitin has leveraged his passion and experience in creating a cutting-edge ecosystem; that is India’s first DNA based self-discovery, upskilling and employability platform. Nitin, and his team, are on a mission to guide an individual, who may be a kindergartener, college goer, first time job seeker, experience professional or someone exploring ‘sunset choices’ – to be one’s best version in a fulfilling manner.

Skills as a Life Coach

Active Listening

Perhaps the most crucial part of coaching is asking questions, because it provokes thought and assessment from the other person. Be ready to be challenged to think.

Asking Questions with respect

While it sounds simple, empathetic listening is actually a difficult skill to master. As a Coach, Nitin has an innate ability to do so, and amplify your inner voice.

Planning Action

Nitin takes accountability to create your unique Personal Enhancement Plan and sets up quantifiable measure of success and tollgates.

Finding peace in knowing you do what you love, and act as you should