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Decode your unique genetic formula for success today or regret later

Take the first step to discover your unique career path based on your nature and nurture and make a decision you will never regret!

For the first time in the world, we bring a method that combines ‘nature and nurture’ together with 10 years of behavioral genetics expertise by Karmagenes

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We help you make important decisions in life with absolute clarity

By uncovering your natural talents, supreme strengths and abilities.

Stream and subject selection

Find the best subjects based on your interests and personality

Course and College Selection

Get into the right college and course with expert guidance

End to end Study Abroad Solutions

Invest in the right university and program based on your true potential

Choose suitable career paths

Discover top 5 careers best suited to your personality

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Personality to Career



Described as ‘scarily accurate', we have helped 15000 students find their 'unique' calling and ideal careers.

Here’s everything you get if you begin now

✅ 3D view of your child’s personality

✅ 50+ Personality and Talent traits

✅ 60 min Personality Insights Session with GENLEAP Certified Coach

✅ 90 min Career Counsellor Session

✅ 5 Career Paths with subject and course recommendations


GenDiscover Edge

For students wanting to discover career paths aligned to their personality.

₹ 13,999

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And many other benefits..

GenDiscover Report

  • Your OCEAN profile in 3 perspectives - Genomics, Psychometrics and Astromancy.
  • Personality Traits like Confidence, Stress Tolerance, Risk taking ability, Problem Solving ability, Creativity and many more.
  • Inborn Talent and Aptitude - Education and Cognition, Maths, Music, Sports and many more.

Personality Session by Certified Coach

  • 60 min video session
  • Interpretation of your results viz a viz your goals and aspirations
  • Core personality and dominant functions
  • Highlighting your supreme/highest strengths
  • Blind spots and potential pitfalls

Career Session by Counsellor

  • Initial session to understand your academic background
  • Your interests and aspirations
  • Discussion on career matches based on your personality strengths
  • Final session reveal 5 career recommendations including subject/course options

Nearly 50% of our personality is influenced by our genes.

Psychometric tests only gauge what we have acquired based on the environment, and the results can change with circumstances.

We combine psychometrics with the power of genetics (via DNA analysis from your saliva) and also add a third reference point of astromancy.

As a result, GenDiscover offers a more complete picture of both nature and nurture to help you understand what you are today and what you can do to become your best version.

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The new way to discover your true potential and career path


Your current environment

This is your starting point.

Your self-assessment of the strengths and interests you believe you have developed over time.

Psychometric tests are being widely used for personality assessment. However, they present only half the picture - influenced by the external environment and social desirability.


What you are born with

There is nothing more beautiful than the unique journey inside your DNA.

You finally understand the gifts from your parents and forefathers.

Depending on your age and stage in life, you know how to use these talents and strengths.


Impact of birth timing

Some events in life are best explained through natal charts, a science of vedic astrology bringing the correlation of spatial bodies with your personality development.

We harness these fundamentals of astrology to add an additional detail to your self-discovery journey.

GenDiscover Edge is right for you

If you believe each one of us is unique, and want to discover the best way to nurture your talents.

If you want to avoid wasting your lifetime savings on uncertain career choices.

If you know that informed decision-making is the key to career success

If you want to support your natural talents for an early head start in your chosen pursuits

If you want to build your confidence to handle teenage issues or placement related challenges.

If you need to reduce your academic stress and promote growth.

Genleap helped us find our child's true potential 

Genleap turns dreams into reality by channelizing the potential in the proper direction. We opted for their support for our daughter Rupsa, who is preparing for her board exam and we got the perfect guidance and career counseling from them. Genleap is a going to be household name in future.

Krishnendu Ghosh

Rupsa's Father

I will highly recommend their services

I am a Class 12 student from Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar. GenLeap product is a great help to understand who am I and thereby know my actual career path. It is a one stop solution for all students

Debshata Choudhury

Class 12 Student

It is very affordable

I am astonished to discover that gene-predicted characterization of individual qualities is being carried out in India which are more accurate. Their services are very affordable, making them accessible to all sections of society. I personally has taken their services and I will highly recommend to all.

Parul Parashar

College Student

Frequently asked questions

Genleap is India’s 1st DNA based self-discovery and career management platform. It helps you to develop a career plan for young children based on the analysis of their genes. We believe every child is unique and born with different talents. To understand this we do a complete mapping of your genes (nature), environment (nurture) and astromancy (opportunities) to build a complete roadmap of your future. This helps you find the right direction for your career and follow the path of least resistance.

Our career success is largely influenced by our personality. Our personality is shaped by our environment (measured through psychometrics), DNA (upto 60% abilities, talents and astromancy (opportunities to hone personality). We understand only the surface level of this personality which is visible. A large part of it, lies hidden in our potential which can now be discovered through genetic testing. Once you understand this huge innate potential, it is easy to understand what comes naturally as strengths and abilities and how to follow the path of least resistance. This ensures success in making major life decisions be it in academic or career zones.

We follow a non-intrusive painless technique by using your saliva sample for DNA testing.

Your sample goes through a polygenic multivariate and multi-weighted approach complemented with custom psychometric dynamic assessment to provide the highest possible accurate behavioral outcome. Over 7.5 lakh SNPs are analyzed and mapped through a full robotic process which results in an accuracy ranging between 80%-90% level.

The product was launched in late 2022 and so far about 15000 students across India have experienced the offering. We have received great reviews from almost all of them.

Globally, DNA testing is mostly done for forensic and medical purposes and the price of getting a DNA test is considered high. We are adding a new dimension to the DNA test linking it to the behaviour and personality of a person and their abilities and traits. It involves a rare science only available with a few labs across the world. The intention of Genleap is to help millions become a better version of themselves and hence due care has been taken to make the journey as affordable as possible. Hence, we have lowered down the global price of $500 test to $100 to suit the masses (roughly INR 8000 for the testing) So, the student get 3 services in INR 13,999/- 1. DNA Testing - sample collection and testing in Europe 2. Personality Insights – one on one 60 mins session with Certified Coach 3. Career discovery and counselling – 90 mins session with Career Expert to map the personality with top 5 career paths