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How does it work

Fully online process which you can do at your convenience

1. Select Product and Place Order

2. Add your Address and Receive DNA Sample Collection Kit

3. Collect your Saliva Sample. Get it picked up from your address.

4. Take Online Psychometric Test

5. Enter your birth details

6. Sample is processed in International Lab

7. Get your Digital Report. Lifetime access to your DNA results.

8. Book your Session with Coach or Counsellor

Unlock the secrets of your DNA

Learn about the saliva collection process and how it unveils hidden insights into your personality traits. Explore the science behind saliva-based personality assessments and discover the secrets your genes can reveal.

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Everything you need to know about the process

Get this infographic explaining the end to end process in more detail.


How does it work

Fully online process which you can do at your convenience

Add your profile and address

As soon as you submit your address, we will dispatch the DNA Sample Collection Kit. The kit should reach you in 2-5 days.

Take the online psychometric assessment

A 20 min assessment that will indicate your current personality and behavior

Enter accurate birth details

For maximum impact, do remember to check records and enter accurate birth date and time.

Collect your saliva sample

Once done, ask for the kit to be picked up from the address provided. And your sample will be collected by our courier partner.

Wait for your report!

Well, good things take time. Your GenDiscover Report will be available in 4 to 5 weeks thereafter. You’ll get a notification, once the report is ready.

Book an Insights Session

In addition to GenDiscover, this 60 min video session with a GENLEAP Certified Coach will help you understand the findings and have clarity on your future direction. Can be taken as part of bundled offering or separately.