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Refund Policy

This policy establishes the process, terms and conditions for requesting a refund for an order which has been cancelled by the user. The policy clearly identified when and how the refund may be permitted.

GENLEAP, upon receiving a written request for refund, will allow and process refund balance of the total purchase price post deduction of statutory applicable taxes, shipping, handling, administrative and processing charges, all in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation and the GENLEAP Refund Policy and Procedures.

Refunds will be paid to the person who enters into the written agreement and notifies GENLEAP within seven (07) days of placing the order by making the payment on the GENLEAP platform. It is imperative that the User has not used any of the resources during the process of engagement with GENLEAP platform.

All notifications of cancellation of an order, or applications for refunds, must be made in writing at 

User Default:

  • Once the User has started the order fulfilment process by completing any step such as submitting the profile/address, he or she shall not be entitled to any refund.
  • If the User does not provide written notice of cancellation within 07 days of placing the order, GENLEAP will not refund any user.
  • No amount will be refunded, including any add on product(s) and/or service(s) charges, if written notice is received after the 07th day of placing the order or if fraudulent documents are submitted by the User.


  • If for any reason GENLEAP is unable to fulfill the order at its end, for reasons solely attributable to GENLEAP, subject to provisions of Force Majeure, GENLEAP shall provide an additional opportunity to the user to complete the process at a later date, no later than 3 months from the receipt of notice of non-performance.
  • In the event any of the ecosystem partner of GENLEAP is in default due to non-provision of committed services, GENLEAP shall only facilitate the communication between the User and the Ecosystem Partner as this shall be governed by the Return and Refund Policy of the said Ecosystem Partner.

Refund processing

Any refunds provided under this policy will be issued to the same credit card(s) or bank account used for the purchase and will be processed within 30 business days of confirmation by our Customer Care team that the conditions of the refund have been met. If the purchasing card cannot be automatically refunded, then the user shall be advised to collect the refund cheque from the offices of GENLEAP whose address is as below:

Genleap Ecosystem Pvt Ltd

215-216, Tower B, Emaar Digital Greens, Sector 61, Golf Course Extension Road, Gurgaon – 122 001, Haryana, India